Unimog UHE Series – Extreme Off-Road Performance

Unimog UHE U5023 right side
Unimog UHE U5023 right side

Unimog UHE Series that includes models U4023 and U5023 offer outstanding performance and handling over the most difficult terrain.
Working in difficult off-road conditions is where the Unimog UHE Series models really excel.

These outstanding high mobility vehicles have an unbeatable reputation for successfully operating in the most extreme operating conditions all over the world.

The new Off-Road models are now more environmentally friendly and efficient than ever before. It is just as mobile off-road as its predecessors, and even stronger.

The Unimog UHE Series offer superior performance in extreme Off-Road conditions

These models

  • can be used for fire fighting, disaster response, mobile crane operations, pipeline construction, remote expeditions, rescue and transporting cargo.
  • far outperform other wheeled vehicles in remote areas where roads turn into trails and rough terrain, and that is where the U4023 and U5023 models are at their best.
  • have a unbeatable reputation for reliability and longevity.Routine servicing, problem diagnosis or repairs are readily available at Mercedes-Benz Unimog Dealers worldwide, numbering over 650 service stations in more than 130 countries.

For models and information on these Series please see the Unimog Technical Data page

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