Unimog History

Unimog History

Unimog History from 1942

First plans for a forward control vehicle with all-wheel drive are made by Daimler-Benz in Berlin-Marienfelde.1944
Announcement of the Morgenthau Plan; Albert Friedrich conducts the first studies on an agricultural vehicle with all-wheel drive and forward control.1945
May, establishment of the criteria for building a Unimog. August, first contacts with Erhard & Söhne. September, first plan by Friedrich December, first sketches by Rößler. December, contract with Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch Gmünd.1946
January, Rößler starts work at Erhard & Söhne under Friedrich. 6 March, first concrete Unimog concept. October, first chassis ready for driving, practical testing begins. The name Unimog is coined. December, the body is ready, first demonstrations.

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Unimog history UHE-U5023-factory

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