Unimog FAQ

Unimog FAQ’s

What is a Unimog?

The Unimog is a range of multi-purpose all-wheel drive medium trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG

What does the name Unimog mean?

The name Unimog is an acronym for the German “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”

When was the Unimog design developed?

Development started in 1946  

When did Unimog production begin?

The first production began in 1947

Where is the Unimog manufactured?

Unimog vehicles are currently built in the Mercedes truck plant in Wörth am Rhein in Germany.

What design features give the Unimog the capability to negotiate extremely difficult terrain?

The Unimog has a very high ground clearance, coil spring suspension, portal axles, flexible frame, all wheel drive, differential locks and gearbox ratio options for driving at slow speeds


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