Unimog Accessories

Links to some of the many manufactures of Unimog accessories:

Unimog UGE U427 snow blower
Unimog UGE U427 snow blower

Aebi-Schmidt – manufactures and sells technologically leading vehicles Unimog implements for municipal winter service, municipal summer service, cleaning airport operating areas and agricultural operations.Products and services are designed to meet the requirements of customers

Assaloni – manufactures all season road care and airport maintenance equipment for Unimog, such as brush cutters, mowers, sweepers, guard rail washers, snow plows, snow cutters and turbine snow blowers

Mercedes-Benz Unimog UGE-U423-snow-plow
Unimog UGE-U423 Snow-plow

Boschung – has been developing and manufacturing superior quality products for over 70 years. It is now one of the leading companies worldwide producing Unimog equipment for surface maintenance and cleaning Airports, Highways and Roads as well as for Towns and Cities

Bucher – Efficient solutions for all year around cleaning and clearance of streets as well as garbage collection for public and private companies

Mercedes-Benz Unimog UGE-U423-mower
Unimog UGE-U423 Mower

Ducker – manufactures equipment for agriculture, landscaping and environmental applications including universal mowers for mowing left, right and center, roadside mowers with a computerized control system for mowing around reflector posts, road signs and trees optimally, hedge mowers for trimming hedges and wood chippers

Eberspacher – manufactures air conditioning & heating equipment developed specifically for various Unimog models, both for OEM and aftermarket applications. The diversity of the equipment and components available, combined with engineering expertise, means that a solution can be achieved to meet virtually every requirement

HIAB – manufactures load handling products for Unimog that provide outstanding performance.  They are designed for robustness, versatility and safety. HIAB offers cranes for loading and forestry work. These load handling products work faster, better and longer, with less effort and strain. Everything about them is designed to meet any challenge

Kahlbacher – produces winter road, airport and railroad maintenance equipment such as wedge snowploughs, multi-purpose side snowploughs, sliding band snowploughs, snow cutters and snow blowers up to innovative equipment for airports. From the 1960’s, Kahlbacher has been a complete provider of winter road clearance and road maintenance devices. In the meantime, Kahlbacher range of products is responsible for the safe use of roads, motorways and airports in the winter

Leistikow – high pressure washing equipment for cleaning pipes and sewers

Mulag – manufacturers of high-tech products and special solutions for airport ground support and roadside maintenance vehicles

Muller-Mitteltal – Trailers for the construction industry, electricity industry, municipal use, waste disposal, recycling and freight forwarding

Palfinger – Cranes for the construction industry, loading, transport, forestry, emergency service, utilities, landscaping, railroad, inspection, oil and gas industry and mining

Rotzler –  a leading manufacturer of hydraulic winches and winch systems for lifting and pulling loads offering customized winch solutions for various applications. These include fire and rescue vehicles, cranes, drilling rigs and military vehicles.

Webasto – Air conditioning & Heating equipment. Complete air conditioning systems using components with cutting-edge technology, compact, adaptable to various vehicle applications and utilize an environmentally friendly refrigerant. Heating systems provide an efficient working environment even at extreme outdoor temperatures and help to avoid unnecessary idling times

Werner – Winches, cranes & generators for applications in industry and forestry


Zweiweg – Rail equipment superstructures and rail drive systems providing a customized unit for almost any application

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